About Richard James Debonis

Since his first professional gig at the age of 11, Richard James Debonis (a.k.a. “RVZ”) has become a world class drummer, composer, arranger and vocalist. Whether its rock, jazz, funk, metal, or electronica, Richi has a meticulous understanding and ability to capture the deepest essence of all these styles of music while still being an innovator. He studied at the Julliard School, Mannes College of Music, and The City College Of New York under the tutelage of Ron Carter, Victor Lewis, Walter Rosenberger and Norman Grossman. He has played with great musicians of all styles and eras: Jaco Pastorious, Barry Harris, Bill Watrous, Frank Morgan, Chris Calloway, Herbie Mann, Ace Frehley and Joe Bouchard to name a few. In His 25 year career his contemporaries and colleagues include Ben Monder, Joel Frahm, Philip Harper, Chris Potter, Greg Gisbert, Adam Small, Ian Hendrickson-Smith, Al Street, Adam Kolker, Freddie Bryant amongst many others. In 2000, Richi moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico where he toured with the late great alto saxophonist Frank Morgan and the late singer Chris Calloway (Cab Calloway’s daughter).

In 2003 Richi moved back to NYC where he searched for a deeper, purer more innovative approach to making music. This soul searching led to channeling Led Zeppelin’s music from rock to jazz. “My two favorite things in music are Led Zeppelin and great Jazz, and i made them have a baby!” The NOWtet Plays Zep is a Milestone in bringing two very different styles together powerfully and organically. Richi is currently working on The NOWtet plays Zep part II.

Richard James Debonis aka RVZ plays Moby Dick: